Dromedary riding 1 day + pic-nic

Price : 700 MAD - 63,63 €

Balade Dromadaire 1j + piquenique
Towards Cap Sim …

This option of a one-day trip is open to all and especially nice. The team of Ranch de Diabat will have the opportunity to adapt it according to the tides.

Starting from the village of Diabat the program goes south to the Oued (the river), then you visit the former residence of the Sultan in ruins, before reaching the long beaches of Essaouira swept by the Atlantic Ocean. In front of you lies the island of Mogador and the former Portuguese castle.

Then you enter the forest of eucalyptus and mimosas and proceed to the high dunes called Omar dunes.
The walk continues until a small fishing village and its water source where animals come to drink freely, this is where you can rest for picnic.

After lunch the excursion goes on in the direction of the dunes of Cape Sim to turn finally back to the Ranch de Diabat through the forests and the beach.