History of the Fantasia

A real horse show Fantasia in Morocco is part of the equestrian tradition of the country.

fantasaie_maroc Arabic sport that combines horseback riding, hunting and war.   Entertainment in which Moroccan horsemen galloping very  fast, unload their weapons, shouting and running different    ways.







In Morocco, it is part of the cultural heritage, it has become a tradition tribal, rural and religious. It is practiced to celebrate moussems (festival of sowing, harvesting) and celebrate a saint. It can be performed to maintain the folklore and for tourism.In recent years, the Moroccan cultural authorities organize competitions of fantasia between different localities of the kingdom.

The term “fantasia” would be of Latin origin meaning entertainment or Spanish-Italian meaning fantasy. In the Moroccan language, this word becomes Darija and takes the meaning of exposition because the tribes according to their area added games with the gun, acrobatics, colored outfits and beautiful  parade harness.

The weapons for the fantasia followed the evolution: bow, crossbow in the fourteenth century and the appearance of guns: in the early nineteenth: the mokahla passed down from generation to generation. The colorful rides are mainly done with barbe horses.

This is an exhibition of mastery uniting the man and his horse. Riders dressed in wide trousers and djellabas immaculate, hold in their hands long guns directed towards the sky. Their horses are fitted of harnesses and saddle embellished with variegated colors.

The colorful horsemen line up, men and horses galloping up to their abrupt stop and here: the riders fire into the air in unison. And after these shots, the “youyou” of women can be heard.