Horse Boarding


For the tranquility of horse owners, and animal welfare, the Ranch de Diabat offers different options for horse boarding:

“Option 1) 2500 dh per month
Includes: food, litter.
Not included: Shoing, worming, vet bills, riding equipment, and the work for the horse.”


“Option 2) 1500 dh per month – with use of the horse for the trials
Includes: food, litter, and the work for the horse.
Not included: Shoing, worming, vet bills, and riding equipment.”


In all cases, the costs of veterinarians are not included, to cover cases of sickness or accident insurance against all risks paid by the owner is required. Passport and vaccines (including rabies vaccine) are obligatory at arrival of the horse at the Ranch.
“Before confirming your willingness to put your horse for boarding at Ranch de Diabat, we invite you to visit our facility and infrastructures.
Appointment to be made by phone or mail.
For more information: By mail: or by phone: +212 (0) 5 24 47 63 82”