The Restaurant

Lunch at the Ranch de Diabat


The Ranch de Diabat’s restaurant welcomes you optionally in a pleasant dining room with warm colors or outside on the terrace.

Open every day except Sunday, the Ranch de Diabat invites you to discover its Restauranch.
At the menu of the Ranch de Diabat’s restaurant, a simple and tasty Moroccan cuisine. The small dishes that are traditionally eaten at home: salads, omelettes, tagines or couscous.

Every morning the Ranch de Diabat you offers a Formula for a complete breakfast from 9 am or as well from 8 am on reservation at least the day before.

The ideal place for a break in family or between friends before a horse ride or after being turned from your trekking.

With an excellent price-performance ratio, the Ranch de Diabat invites you friendly to its table.
On the menu of Restauranch:

  • Salads from 35 dhs
  • Omelettes from 25 dhs
  • Hot meals from 60 dhs
  • Vegetarian tagine from 55 dhs
  • Tagine with meat or fish from 70 dhs
  • Grilled meat or fish from 90 dhs (on order)
  • Couscous from 80 dhs (on order)
  • Desserts from 20 dhs”

The menu Restauranch Every day the Ranch de Diabat’s restaurant offers you a menu with a formula with starter, main course and dessert.

“Starter: Moroccan salad
Main dish: Tajine with either meat, fish, chicken or Kefta
Dessert: either oranges with cinnamon or yogurt
Price per person: 230 ie for adults 150DHS for children”

Breakfast menu: A rich formula for a day full of energy.
– Homemade bread
– Chocolate Muffin
– Moroccan Msmen
– Butter
– Cheese
– Jam
– Yogurt
– fresh Orange Juice
– Coffee
– Tea
– Milk
Price per person: 80 dhs”

Book your breakfast at the Ranch, and a ride after, to start well the day!