Who we are?

A history of horses, love and passion


« All the happiness in the world is on the backs of horses » … This old Arab proverb illustrates better than words, the range of sensations that the Ranch de Diabat you reserves.

The Ranch

“The Ranch de Diabat is primarily a family story and a passion for horses who was able to pass from generation to generation.
Created fifteen years ago at Diabat, a small village a few kilometers from Essaouira, made ??famous by Jimmy Hendrix, the Ranch de Diabat has established itself in the world of riding for his seriousness and professionalism .”
Whether you love long rides of several days, stays embellished with rides in the area, dream gallops between of sky, land and the ocean, or other formulas, the Ranch de Diabat  will satisfy all your desires of equestrian escapes .

The team from the Ranch de Diabat

  • OMAR: Manager
  • MOHAMED: Responsible trekking
  • ERIKA: Marketing Responsible and trekking guide
  • BRIGITTE: Responsible for internet bookings
  • Nouredine: Responsible reservations and reception
  • HASSAN: guide for horse trip
  • CHBICHBA HASSAN: guide for horse trip and second guide for trekking
  • YOUNES: Groom
  • MUSTAPHA: guide for camel trip
  • HAFID: Responsible bivouac Kitchen Essaouira
  • IMLIL HASSAN: Responsible kitchen trekking
  • MOHAMED IMLIL: Truck Driver trekking
  • FATIMA: cook Restauranch
  • AZIZ: driver shuttles Essaouira
  • AZIZ: minibus driver for the trekking

The Ranch and the Nature

Integrated in the life of the Essaouira region since its inception, Ranch Diabat is involved with the local population. Ranch Diabat work throughout the year to develop local actions in order to contribute to sustainable development of local communities and preserving the natural heritage.

“Nature is what we pass to future generations, would we like to see our polluted planet earth? Certainly not. ” And as we have the chance to situate ourselves in unspoiled nature amazes by its diversity, lakes, forests, and beaches, we are all called to protect it. It is for this reason that we organize once a month cleaning action days in different zones.

“You have to force nature to go beyond our mind.”